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Post Carbon Transportation

"Walking, Cycling, Public Transport and EVs will create a significant economic opportunity for the Western Foothills region."

The rural nature of our region has lead to the development of a transportation system that is nearly entirely reliant on private vehicles fueled by gasoline. We have seen before how vulnerable our economy is to sharp increases in the price of gas. It is just a matter of time before those prices spike again. What will it look like when gasoline costs five, or ten dollars per gallon? Before we find out, we can develop a new transportation infrastructure based on walking, cycling, and efficient, affordable public transportation. Roads need to be built and maintained with the safety of pedestrians and bicycles in mind, as well as the accommodation of a new generation of lightweight electric and hybrid vehicles. A network of pedestrian and bicycle trails integrated with innovative regional public transportation will serve our lower income rural residents and help to revitalize our downtown communities. The development of a pioneering, forward thinking transportation system is a significant economic opportunity for the Western Foothills region and another step toward regional self reliance and reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases.

Spoke Folks

Spoke Folks is a worker-owned cooperative that hauls trash, compost and recycling with bike power and people power! CEBE helped incubate and launch Spoke Folks in 2020, with assistance from the Cooperative Development Institute. Learn more about Spoke Folks here

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