2021 Year-End Appeal

By any account, it has been a wild year for the climate. Massive fires and floods, deadly heat domes, disappearing glaciers and icecaps, first ever rain on Greenland, warming oceans, bleaching reefs, runaway carbon emissions and a tepid global response at COP26, supply chain breakdowns, labor shortages, increasing social unrest, a climate-stoked migrant crisis, spiking gas and oil prices driving inflation, and a resurgent pandemic. 


While building more equitable, resilient and regenerative local economies won’t solve the pandemic, it will, without a doubt, improve community health. And so will almost every measure needed to put the brakes on the accelerating climate and ecological emergency to escape its most dire effects.


Whether it’s transitioning to zero emission vehicles, public transportation, bikes and walking, or weatherizing and electrifying our homes and workplaces, the air we breathe will be cleaner. Local food systems based on regenerative agriculture practices will counteract the destructive climate and ecological impacts of industrial food and provide us with a healthier diet. Democratically controlled solar power and housing cooperatives will build wealth in our communities, and wealth builds health. Connecting youth to the ecosystems we depend upon and empowering them to lead through challenging times is essential. 

Your support helps us achieve these goals and build healthy communities.


“Resilient Communities Restoring the Earth” has been CEBE’s vision from the start. This vision is more relevant than ever as we build a climate justice movement here in Maine and across the planet. To avert the worst of the climate emergency will mean redirecting wealth garnered from fossil fuels, land appropriation and human exploitation, toward building resiliency and empowering the most vulnerable who have done the least to fuel the crisis. We need everyone if we are to forge a new, ecology-based economy that will elegantly meet our needs and those of future generations. 


You can support public policy work that will shift the flow of capital toward equitable, regenerative systems and empower everyone to be part of the solution.


Because of CEBE’s vision and actions, we are honored to be the sole organization to receive the coveted Smart Growth Award from GrowSmart Maine this year. We were also elected to join Maine’s leading environmental organizations in the increasingly powerful Environmental Priorities Coalition. These acknowledgements have led us to this moment when the Stifler Family Foundation and another generous donor have agreed to match every donation we receive until the end of the year! 


Financial donations to CEBE from now until December 31st, 2021 will be tripled! 


Together we have taken significant strides toward understanding and acting on climate, and together we can lead the way toward a just transition to an ecology-based economy where rural communities like ours will thrive. Please join us!


For people and planet,

On behalf of CEBE’s Board & Staff

Scott Vlaun, Executive Director


We're building community resilience. Join us in your support! 

Rosemary Bunn

CEBE represents the best of the progressive ideas of Western Maine! Thanks for all you do for all of us.

Barbara Popolow

As a business member of 1% for the Planet, we are eager to support groups bringing communities together to create a path toward resiliency and action.

Elena Laughton

There is no better work to be done for the Earth than that which can be done locally.