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Electric Vehicle Charging


Bringing the rEVolution to Western Maine

Western Maine's Electric Vehicle Charging Network
Built by CEBE

CEBE installed over a dozen electric vehicle charging stations in Western Maine, from Fryeburg to Bethel to Buckfield and beyond. These free charging stations allow local early adopters of electric vehicles to feel confident knowing they can travel our region, while also drawing tourists to our area in their EVs.

In 2023, CEBE received grant funding from Efficiency Maine, The Nature Conservancy, and an anonymous foundation to add or upgrade charging at eight sites in Oxford County. This funding supported upgrades to two of our existing charging stations and six new locations, bringing our total to 26 plugs in Oxford County! Networked charging is the next step in sustainable charging infrastructure for our community. Now that the number of EVs locally and visiting our region has increased, networked chargers allow us to generate a small amount of income to cover maintenance and future expansion.

One of our most visible chargers is the PV2EV dual-axis solar tracker powering three chargers at the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in South Paris. Since the town of Norway signed onto the Norway Solar Farm on the capped landfill in 2023, all of the Norway chargers are also powered by the sun!

Check out the Western Maine Charging Network on PlugShare!

Some of these chargers are maintained by CEBE, and some are maintained by the businesses where they are located. Our outlying chargers operate still rely on donations to cover maintenance and expansion of the network. 

Your contribution helps maintain this charger, which costs up to $3.00 per hour to operate. Larger donations cover maintenance and EV charger network expansion.


Thank you for helping to keep public chargers available!

“As EVs become more prevalent, it is critical that we develop the infrastructure to support them. This project is an example of providing a service to the public along with a small amount of revenue for CEBE, a local non-profit who's working diligently to increase the number of chargers in our community." - Brad Plante, Interim Norway Town Manager

“We are glad to support having an electric car charger in Woodstock, Maine. With the growing use of electric vehicles, we saw an opportunity to have a charger in an area that did not have easy access to one, and that we were able to place it where users could be refreshed with a hike in the Buck's Ledge Community Forest while their vehicle's batteries are restored at the same time. Thank you CEBE for helping us accomplish this project.” - Vern Maxfield, Woodstock Town Manager

“Electric vehicles are in the future for many residents. Any way we can help with that here in Paris without putting the burden on the taxpayer is a good thing. Thank you to CEBE for helping Paris with grants to install two charging stations here in town.” - Dawn Noyes, Paris Town Manager


"I just bought a Kia Niro EV earlier this year, because, among other things, you were able to set up solar powered EV charging station [where I work]."   - A local EV driver

"I was looking into places our family could go for a few days to hike in hilly forests

during the fall.  We have an EV and so part of the consideration is where there is either a level 3 charger or, if there is a level 2 charger, whether it is within walking distance of a place to sleep.  [...] I looked at Bethel, Maine, [...] and I was surprised to see a cluster of chargers in a very small town, and all of them open for use.  And to read further that your organization had sponsored them.​ I can attest that having a charger available really does make a difference in whether a trip is feasible or not, especially in hilly terrain where high-speed roads aren't available."

                                                                                     - An out-of-state EV driver

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