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Edible Main Street & Solidarity Gardens


Growing fresh food where it's needed

Edible Main Street returns after a successful partnership with Alan Day Community Garden on Solidarity Gardens

Each summer and fall, our Edible Main Street planters line the road in front of CEBE's office and at nearby locations. These planters are demonstrations meant to inspire and educate, while also providing some nibbles to those strolling on Main Street.


During 2020 and 2021, we collaborated with Alan Day Community Garden on Solidarity Gardens. Through this project, we helped people who wished to grow their own food at home. Thirteen gardens were built at households and nonprofits in Norway, South Paris, and Oxford in 2020, and we expanded or constructed 13 new gardens in 2021. Spoke Folks cargo bike cooperative transported materials, and each participant got a raised bed or planter box installed, filled with fertile soil, and planted with seeds and seedlings. We provided gardening information and support in our participants' gardening journey.

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