Community Solar


A Work in Progress!

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CEBE is working with the Cooperative Development Institute and others on several models for Community Solar to bring to our region. Our goals are to allow members to keep their money locally while choosing renewable. Members will be able to keep their energy costs stable and feel comfortable transitioning their households and transportation to electricity, knowing the power is generated by the sun. 

While we move forward in the design phase of these projects, don't hesitate to sign up for Community Solar now!


CEBE has partnered with PowerMarket. When you subscribe to PowerMarket, you'll receive 15% off your electricity, and CEBE will receive a $25 donation when you enter the promo code "CEBE."

The solar project providing your energy will be located in Maine, and PowerMarket does employ people based in Maine, though they are a for-profit company headquartered out-of-state. Several of CEBE's grid-tied staff and board members are PowerMarket subscribers -- reach out if you have questions!