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Demonstrating real-life projects on a practical and local scale.

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Community solar farms make grid-tied solar power more accessible by combining the electrical generation needs of multiple businesses and households into one large solar array. The goal of the program is to make solar energy accessible for all local residents who otherwise might have difficulty going solar due to lack of a suitable site or financial constraints. CEBE is committed to solar siting that makes sense, like agri-voltaics and using the local capped landfill for solar.




CEBE BikeShare is an effort to reduce carbon emissions by offering alternative transportation for utilitarian riders in the downtown Norway, South Paris, and Oxford area. By offering free bikes, we promote a healthier, more sustainable mode of transport. 




Electric vehicles are becoming more popular each year as charging infrastructure improves and battery technology becomes more efficient and affordable. CEBE's Western Maine EV Charging Network has installed 16 level two chargers throughout the region, helping to to make western Maine one of the fastest growing EV markets in Maine.  Find us on Plugshare




Also known as edible forest gardens, or perennial polycultures, food forests contain a diverse mix of perennial foods, from fungi and herbaceous ground covers, to perennial vegetables, fruit and nut bearing vines, shrubs, and trees. Check out Norway's very own food forest at the Alan Day Community Garden!




In 2015, CEBE helped a dozen middle school students to build a new green house for Robert's Farm Preserve, building design and carpentry skills and increasing the capacity of the farm. This greenhouse was awarded by Eco Maine for its  excellence, sustainability and community impact.



Since 2015, we've lined Norway's Main Street with a wide variety of edible plants and information to help you get to know what you're picking! We maintain these planters annually with support from Alan Day Community Garden. 

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