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Western Foothills cargo-bike cooperative


"We are working to sustainably haul trash and compost, educate the community about the importance of diverting food waste from landfills, and aid in the accessibility and distribution of food in times of crisis."

Spoke Folks is a cargo-bike cooperative serving our local area. This project was developed with the help of the Cooperative Development Institute of Maine through their two-year Rural Cooperative Development Initiative, of which CEBE was one of five organizations chosen to participate. While now housed within the CEBE transportation working group, our goal is to spin it off as an independent worker-owned cooperative to create good jobs for the area, increase recycling, compost food waste, and reduce the local carbon footprint. 


Spoke Folks was launched ahead of schedule to aid in the accessibility and distribution of food during the COVID-19 crisis, aiding local food pantries, area restaurants, and the food coop to deliver food to those in need.

If you are interested in having your trash, recycling and food waste hauled in the most sustainable way, please fill out the Spoke Folks form below!


To sign up please view our service options and fill out some basic information in the form linked below:


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