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Whether we choose to or not, Western Maine will eventually become part of a post-fossil fuel economy faced with the challenges of an increasingly unstable climate. We can, however choose to plan now, while resources are available, to transition to a more resilient and ecology based economy that provides for our perennial needs and celebrates the strength of our communities.


Join the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy to realize the dream of healthy, sustainable communities and achieve greater resilience to climate and resource instability. Only by working together and celebrating our diversity and collective knowledge, will we realize our greatest potential as a community and thrive well into the future.

Pick a Little

Leave a Lot

Twelve planters line
Main Street in Norway
and have been offering
up herbs and veggies to many in the community.

Community Food Forest


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Community Food Forest Alan Day Community Garden


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CEBE BikeShare




Please print, sign and bring it into CEBE where we will brief you on everything. At that point you will be able to use any bikes in the area.

End of Fossil Fuel Video

View the sneak peak, rough cut video by John Howe that gives insight into the fossil fuel dilemma and how to start turning it around. We're launching CEBE Solar with John and will start the production of solar carts for farms and orchards.