Whether we choose to or not, Western Maine will eventually become part of a post-fossil fuel economy faced with the challenges of an increasingly unstable climate. We can, however choose to plan now, while resources are available, to transition to a more resilient and ecology-based economy that provides for our perennial needs and celebrates the strength of our communities.


Join the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy to realize the dream of healthy, sustainable communities and achieve greater resilience to climate and resource instability. Only by working together and celebrating our diversity and collective knowledge, will we realize our greatest potential as a community and thrive well into the future.

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September 10th, 2016  9am - 1pm

@ the South Paris Town Hall


The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy is proud to host the 2nd annual Electric Vehicle Expo Saturday, September 10, 2016 at the South Paris Town Hall.


This event will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony for our newest public EV charger installation at the South Paris Police Station; test drives in a wide range of electric vehicles; an EV Car Show; food vendors; and more! We're also excited to host keynote speaker Brian Kent, the man behind the legend of the Negative Carbon Road Trip.


Please contact us if you would like to showcase your electric vehicle or related product, or if you would like to speak at our event. We are also looking for some food vendors to attend.

We are looking to the future of transportation in rural areas, exploring the use of public, electric, and human-powered forms of transportation and lowering our carbon footprint.

We believe in human-scale food systems that provide an abundance of local food and jobs, while using the land, regenerating soils, and restoring people’s health in Western Maine.

We work to build affordable and efficient, low-impact housing that is inspiring for the people living in them and for communities with similar climate challenges to Western Maine.

We want clean, renewable, and affordable energy to be accessible to everyone in our community, increasing efficiency, quality of life, and our local economy.

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